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Bake Sales

Bake Sale Season begins every year in September thru April

Hippity Hop Candy Drops
March 23, 2024 ~ 9:00 am - 2:00 pm
Noble Creek Regional Park Meadow
650 W. Oak Valley Pkwy, Beaumont

Pumpkin Spice & Everything Nice, No Tricks Just Treats!


Sugar Plums & Candy Canes


For Your Valentine


Happy Baking Season SGB Family! Thank you for your loyal support and participation in raising funds for our school and company. Below you will find information and guidelines on how to participate. A form will follow where you can choose from a number of options what you would like to bake and donate to our sale. Please follow our guidelines completely.

Information and Guidelines

Dancers and Parents are asked to participate by baking homemade treats. Dancers are also asked to be present for the event to help sell treats.


After you have read these instructions, please fill out the form below. There is a list of items to choose from. 

Theme and Decor

The theme is to fit the holiday or season.  Colors of the season, characters and shapes of the holidays,  and decorations are just a few fun ideas to make. Ballet themes are suggested too!



If you will be baking small items like brownies, cake pops, etc. the quantity should be at least one dozen. Cookies two dozen. A larger quantity is your choice.


If you will be baking large items such as pies, cakes, etc. the quantity can be one or two. A larger quantity is your choice.



Cookies will be the only item sold individually and in bundles of three. Please provide both.  Other treats will be sold individually.

The week of the sale you will be provided with clear treat bags, ties, and SGB tags to package your treats. Quantity must be provided by the participant two weeks prior to the event dates. Once your form has been submitted your item and quantity cannot change. If you are unable to follow through with your plan and must make something else, you will need to re-submit your form at least ten days prior to the event. So that you are given the correct amount of packaging supplies and your baked treat is displayed and advertised correctly. 

Treat Transportation

Treats should be well protected and covered in a container or bag that is disposable when brought to the event.  We will not hold on to bags and containers once the event is finished. DO NOT BRING ANYTHING THAT IS BREAKABLE.

Event Check-In

On the day of the event, check-in time for the dancers is 30 minutes prior to the start time. Please be on time.  All items must be displayed and for sale by the start of the event.


*Forms must be submitted at least 7 days after event notification.


*If necessary, a meeting for parents and dancers with more detailed instructions will be held closer to the event. Day and time will be posted or emailed.


*Flyers will be available for you to share with friends and family.  

Thank you for your support and participation! Happy Dancing! Happy Baking!

Please Fill out and submit the this form

Please check item (s)

Thanks you for submitting!

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