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Student Exams and Conferences

A student's training from the moment they take their very first ballet class, is a training routine that is consistent the entire year, year after year. With the advancement of each student, their training progresses to a daily routine suitable in preparation for a professional career. Development in a dancer's progress during these months and every year is crucial in moving forward. This is why we at San Gorgonio Ballet like to keep in constant communication with our students and their families throughout the year and at the end of every training season.

Throughout each training year, SGB tracks the progress of each of our students. At the end of each training season (May/June) exams take place to test the knowledge and skill of each student and if they are where they should be for their age and level. In the weeks following, a one-on-one conference with the director, student, and parent is scheduled. Exams and conferences are required for all students from Level I through V.


*Exam dates are to be announced. Please watch for updates.

Below, the conference dates will be posted. You can see the dates and times available to choose what works best for you. We can schedule another day or time only if all avenues have been tried and were unsuccessful in meeting within SGB's available schedule.  Please make the best effort possible to follow the schedule we have provided. Thank you.

We enjoy working with our dancers and enjoy seeing them progress and flourish in their talents.

Conference Date (TBA)

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