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SGB Summer Intensive & Workshop


Int/Adv Intensive Program (Rate: $600, early registration discount $50 off)

Our summer intensives are held every summer during the July and August months. These programs are structured for intermediate and advanced students. Providing classes five days a week with three classes each day and rehearsal. Intensives are provided each year in addition to year-round training to further a classical student's skill level. Strengthening stamina, muscle, flexibility, and choreography. At the finish of our program each student will have gained knowledge and experience of how the work of a professional career would be.  


Classes include...

*Technique (international methods, French, and Russian)


*Stretch and Strength 

*Pirouette (a class focusing on all turning movements, strength, and techniques)

*Petite & Grand Allegro ( a class focusing on all jumping movements, strength, and techniques)

*Contemporary Ballet (learning the methods of Robbins and Balanchine)

*Modern Dance (learning the methods of Horton, Grahm, and Dunham)

*Character Dance (learning international steps and the style of character work in a ballet)

*Pantomime and Stage Acting 


Youth Beginning Workshop (Rate: $300, early registration $25 off)

Our workshop is available to children 7 - 10 yrs old who may have little to no experience in ballet. Two days per week each dancer has a schedule of three classes per day. This program provides the young beginning dancer an opportunity to learn not only ballet movements, but classical music and dancing with rhythm and coordination, the history of ballet and where it is today, choreography, and develop strength and flexibility. It can progress the skill level of a student in training and continue to inspire and educate, and possibly inspire a child new to dance on a wonderful path towards a career. 

Classes include...

*Technique (ballet movements and exercise)

*Rhythms and musicality 

*Stretch and Strength (floor work of exercises and stretches for the entire body)

*Patterns and Formations (learning to dance with others in formation and lines)

*Ballet History (light teaching of how ballet began and where it is today)

*Terminology (learning basic ballet steps french names and what they mean)

Little Swans Ballet Workshop (Rate: $250, early registration $25 off)

This workshop is available for ages 3 - 5 years old. Classes are scheduled twice per week, two classes per day for four weeks. Children learn creative movement and ballet steps in a fun way, with themes of storybook ballets and storybook classical music. We work with props and costumes to inspire and engage the learning of these young aspiring ballerinas and cavaliers. 

Class include..

*Technique (ballet movements, exercise, stretches)

*Rhythms and musicality 

*Patterns and Formations (learning to dance with others in formation and lines)

*Storybook Ballet Dance

*The intermediate intensive program is four to six weeks, and the youth workshops are four weeks.

*A showcase performance for all dancers is held near the end of the program. Friends and families are welcome to attend and it is open to the public as well.


*Each student must be enrolled with fees paid by the first week of the program, (unless payment plans have been discussed) in order to participate. Payment plans are available. Email for more information.


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