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San Gorgonio Ballet


San Gorgonio Ballet School provides professional high-quality training in classical ballet, training in the traditional Russian and French methods. We focus highly on strength, correct body placement, technique and injury prevention, to develop strong versatile classical dancers.


Our dance instructors have vast experience working with professional dance companies and have many years of experience training dancers of all levels from those seeking professional careers to those who dance for health, enjoyment, and enrichment.


We offer classes for Beginner through Advanced for Youth, Adult, and Senior. Our recommended age for beginning students is seven years old. We provide Introductory classes to children 4 to 6 years old.



San Gorgonio Ballet Company is founded on the belief that the Arts and in particular the art of ballet and dance is an important element of the cultural community. We are dedicated to the preservation and presentation of the art of ballet and dance. We are further dedicated to the belief that all should have access to the art of ballet and dance. To provide an opportunity to train and perform in a professional atmosphere or to attend professional ballet performances. To providing nondiscriminatory scholarships, seminars, classes, exhibitions, performances, festivals, and competitions for the dancer and dance patron regardless of financial need. It is our mission and goal to do everything suitable, necessary, and deemed proper under the terms of our Bylaws and in compliance with all prevailing laws to accomplish the objectives herein described.


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