San Gorgonio Ballet


Our Company of professional dancers consists of a small group of dancers that have been performing with us for a number of years. Some are highly regarded professionals and some are apprentices that have trained in our school for many years.

We often hire new dancers for work in individual performance runs throughout the season.


We have brought in many dancers in the Southern California area as well as across the United States to dance in our ballets.

We are currently not auditioning new dancers at this time. If you would like to contact us and provide your resume, phone number, email, headshot and two dancing photos you may email us at We will then reply and put you on our list of contacts. When we are working on a performance and are recruiting new dancers we will then contact you to set up an audition.


If you are a highly advanced student dancer transitioning into a professional career, you may contact us for more information and set up an audition.


San Gorgonio Ballet School provides professional high-quality training in classical ballet, training in the traditional Russian and French methods. We focus highly on strength, correct body placement, technique and injury prevention, to develop strong versatile classical dancers.


Our dance instructors have vast experience working with professional dance companies and have many years of experience training dancers of all levels from those seeking professional careers to those who dance for health, enjoyment, and enrichment.


We offer classes for Beginner through Advanced for Youth, Adult, and Senior. Our recommended age for beginning students is six years old.


Classes are offered in our spacious studio featuring wall mounted and portable barres, wall-mounted mirrors, and sprung Marley floors. The studio also features a student lounge area for rest between classes as well as a dancer’s boutique where you may purchase dancewear needs, snacks, and other unique dance inspired gift items.


San Gorgonio Ballet Company is founded on the belief that the Arts and in particular the art of ballet and dance is an important element of the cultural community. We are dedicated to the preservation and presentation of the art of ballet and dance. We are further dedicated to the belief that all should have access to the art of ballet and dance. To provide an opportunity to train and perform in a professional atmosphere or to attend professional ballet performances. To providing nondiscriminatory scholarships, seminars, classes, exhibitions, performances, festivals, and competitions for the dancer and dance patron regardless of financial need. It is our mission and goal to do everything suitable, necessary, and deemed proper under the terms of our Bylaws and in compliance with all prevailing laws to accomplish the objectives herein described.


San Gorgonio Ballet is a 501 c 3 nonprofit organization that does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, national origin, ethnic background, sexual orientation.


Without the support of our loyal Sponsors and Benefactors, we could not make our vision a reality.


If you would like more information or to become a Sponsor or Benefactor, please write to:

San Gorgonio Ballet: 1007 Calimesa Boulevard, Suite B2, Calimesa CA 92320 or call 951-922-8820

Thank You For Your Support!